Rezension des Mumienbuches

Peter Mario Kreuter hat in der Zeitschrift „Monsters and the Monstrous“ 3 (2013), Vol. 1, S. 133-135 die „Bibliotheksmumie“ rezensiert und dabei zugleich eine gute Zusammenfassung des Buches für die englischsprachigen Leser gegeben.

„It seems that Steinhauer may be the very first researcher who did that business of putting the library mummy in the focus of an own study.“ S. 133

„The book of Eric W. Steinhauer is not a monograph just about the history of the library mummy. It is more an essay about the relation between the library and one of the most extraordinary things one can find in that institution. It is fascinating because for the first time, that very special type of mummy is in the focus of a book. And it is disturbing – mummies are also containers for texts… and therefore only half as freaky as they may be seen at the very first moment.“ S. 134 f.